About MutualFundTools

MutualFundTools is brought to you by Advisorkhoj. Advisorkhoj has been helping MFDs with free Research, Content and Tools for over a decade now!

Advisorkhoj has become a name to reckon with when it comes to helping MFDs and investors with free research, content and tools. For long time MFDs have been requesting us to innovate more tools which can further help them in their business and also launch a 'paid' version of the same so that not only can they get more resources, the same can also come with their own branding. Keeping that in mind we have developed the following and brought all the resources under one website - www.mutualfundtools.com

1. Advisory Tools - Some unique concept selling tools for mutual funds which is available only on this website.
2. Mutual Fund Research - Mutual fund research displayed on www.advisorkhoj.com website, now comes with excel download in MFD's brand. Some research tools are made available in PDF in presentation      format with MFDs branding.
3. Calculators - Many new calculators which are not available in Advisorkhoj can be found here.
4. Client Proposals - Unique client proposals which can help MFDs close their client meetings positively.
5. Report Builder - Research reports can now be built with lot of flexibility - You can choose the columns/ info that you want to see and analyse.
6. Tables and Charts - Charts that displays the various market data and helps in client discussion.
7. MFD Planner - MFDs can now plan their business growth and forecast future revenues and AUM through the planners.
8. Downloads - Single resource to get all AMC Fact Sheets and Monthly Portfolios. Also get Fund Cards in your own branding.
Who can use the above Tools
Only Mutual Fund Distributors having valid ARN number can subscribe to the above tools.
How to subscribe to the above Tools
You can sign up by providing your ARN number, etc. and use the tools free for 7 days trial period. After that you can avail the paid plan and start using the same with your own branding. To get started, you can say 'Hello' to our Whatsapp number 96112-35425 or can write to us at sales@advisorkhoj.com
How can you send your suggestions or feedback for enhancement of the Tools
Whatsapp at 96112-35245 or write us at pradip@advisorkhoj.com in case you have any suggestions or feedback or if you have a new Tool idea!
How to contact the MutualFundTools team for any issues
You can write to us at service@mutualfundtools.com. Once you avail our paid plan, you can send the service request through email and Whatsapp from the Dashboard.